Photo shows a laptop computer. On the screen is the Google Search page, except it says Dr. Google. A stethescope is wrapped around the laptop.
Bar graph showing most common web accessibility barriers. See complete description and source at end of article.

Lisa Shulman, circa 1988. A dark haired teenage girl in a homecoming dress. (I am unsure what credit to give this photo where it came from, or how I came to have it.)

Five tweenage children with long white canes are shown walking together side by side, some with arms around each other. PC: The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children

Family: D and one of my sons are shown walking down a country road hand-in-hand. They are viewed from behind, D is traveling with his power chair and my three-year-old son is walking beside him while pointing something out. The road is flanked by a forested area.
On the left, my husband, Nik (who is really, legit, totally blind) and his golden retriever guide dog. On the right, I (the fake blind one!) stand next to him with my yellow labrador guide dog at a cocktail party.

Lisa Ferris

Lisa Ferris lives with her husband, 3 boys, 2 guide dogs and 3 guinea pigs in Portland, Oregon. She is co-owner of an adaptive technology company.

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